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Stories of Womanhood


Stories of Womanhood is an initiative of Sharona Badloe and Sophia Blijden that aims to show the power of a personal story. In academic and political discussions on feminism, sexism, and discrimination, polarization seems to be omnipresent. Sharona and Sophia want to show a different approach: personal stories, and their power to connect.

An initially small theatre project grew into this first public theatre production, performed at Bijlmer Parktheater in Amsterdam. The two Senior Fellows use art to tell their stories and provide a stage for women from a diverse set of backgrounds to tell their stories through film, spoken word, storytelling, theatre and music. Their aim is for visitors to leave the gatherings feeling inspired, empowered, and connected.

After a first successful edition of “Stories of Womanhood” in Amsterdam and the second edition in Hoorn, a third edition took place in Leiden in June 2019.