Definitely Family: Cross-border Families.


Merel de Herder

Merel started her Action Project in the summer of 2017. She and her father left the Netherlands for Tajikistan by car. The goal was to meet families along the way to find out who they saw as an indispensable part of their family.

Talk to Me

Sarajevo, Bihać, Banja Luka, Visoko, Mostar, Tuzla | 2019

Interactive storytelling exhibition of photographs showing, comparing and contrasting the lives of children refugees from Middle East currently residing in BiH to lives of children refugees from BiH escaping the 90's war

Do we want to remember?

Shanghai, China | 2017

Suncica Bruck

A group of local high school students learn and discuss more about the events of the Holocaust in Shanghai

Hands of Gold

Gaziantep | 2016

Fahira Brodlija

Sewing classes held by refugee widows for the beneficiaries of the Gaziantep Care and Rehabilitation Center for Syrian Widows

Toward Durable Solutions for the Internally Displaced in Bosnia & Herzegovina


Chad Doobay, Aida Salčić, Marija Herceg, Inga Kotlo, Elma Mahmutović, and others

To gain a more intimate understanding of life as an Internally Displaced Person (IDP) in Bosnia, Senior Fellows Chad and Aida gathered a diverse team to conduct a qualitative, substantive survey of the residents of Tasovčići Collective Center, a housing area for IDPs on the outskirts of Mostar.

with WINGS and ROOTS

New York City, Berlin | 2013

Christina Antonakos-Wallace

Juxtaposing two cities emblematic of global migration to North America and Europe, with WINGS and ROOTS is a transmedia documentary, web and education project that reframes migration from being a national “problem,” to a global reality.

A Piece of Mine

Kfar Hayarok | 2012

Tamar van Gelderen

Senior Fellow Tamar van Gelderen undertook a educational photography project exploring personal, social and national identities among the youth of a socially and culturally diverse Israel.

Raising the Voices of Undocumented Youth

Milroy, PA | 2014

Carlos Gonzalez Sierra

Senior Fellow Carlos Gonzalez helped coordinate a conference that brought together undocumented youth in Pennsylvania for a weekend of leadership, organizing and community building.

Raising the Voices of Undocumented Youth
Gender-Based Violence in Refugee Settings

Saint Paul, MN | 2017

Annie Gavin

Senior Fellow Annie Gavin coordinated a panel presentation on the unique challenges women face in refugee settings.

Welcome everyone

Berlin | 2019

Verena Riedmiller

In order to raise awareness on the racist extremists' fight on freedom of movement, Senior Fellow Verena Riedmiller, alongside a group of activists from The European May, welcomed and engaged travelers at Berlin central station.

Welcome everyone