with WINGS and ROOTS

New York City, Berlin | 2013

Christina Antonakos-Wallace

Juxtaposing two cities emblematic of global migration to North America and Europe, with WINGS and ROOTS is a transmedia documentary, web and education project that reframes migration from being a national “problem,” to a global reality.

MapMyDay - Athens

Athens | 2018

Zaneta-Eleni Melissourgaki

Senior Fellow Zaneta-Eleni Melissourgaki hosted a mapping event marking wheelchair-accessible places and raising awareness about accessibility and inclusion in the city centre of Athens.

MapMyDay - Athens
Kayhinam Llaqtay (This is my land)

Lima | 2008

Emilie Etienne

Twenty teenagers living in a Peruvian slum were encouraged to reflect on their roots, their cultures and their community over the course of six months.

Kayhinam Llaqtay (This is my land)
"Night without a roof" Calling Attention to Homeless Adolescents

Utrecht | 2010

Petra Rietberg, Ayla Murad, Floortje Anna de Jong

A dinner discussion followed by a night spent on the street to generate awareness on youth homelessness in the Netherlands and to raise funds for homeless adolescents.

Night without a roof
Poetry of the City

Sarajevo | 2019

Alma Tutic

"Poetry of the City” is an art project that focuses on drawing attention to the walls in the public space and securing the memory of the city of Sarajevo.

The Kerner Report: Additional Issues

Article | USA | August 2018

Emma Yip, Sharon Villagran, Mark Haidar, Coline Constantin

City in Flux: The Impact of San Francisco's Tech Industry on Local Communities and the Non-Profit Organizations that Serve Them

Article | USA

Susannah Shattuck

Tvoje Sarajevo

Sarajevo | 2018

Ceyda Keskindemir, Romane Rozencwajg, Matilda Ostow, Amra Mesic, Đorđe Prolić

Fellows then channeled their questions into creative energy to build an art-meets-activism "artivism" campaign to address the politicized and charged borders of Bosnia and Herzegovina, more specifically, of Sarajevo.