Action Projects

Our community takes action to defend human rights around the world. Explore our Action Projects here.

Queering Health Resources for the Spanish-Speaking Community

Athens, GA | 2019

Laurel Hiatt

Laurel Hiatt partnered with Equitas Healthcare to translate LGBT health documents into Spanish, as this intersectional community is often under-served.

Queering Health Resources for the Spanish-Speaking Community

Berlin | 2018

Esra Karakaya

Senior Fellow Esra Karakaya hosts an online talk show BlackRockTalk, discussing social phenomenas and global experiences from a youthful and intellectual perspective.

Intersectionality in Danish Preschools

Copenhagen | 2018

Malte Breiding Hansen

Senior Fellow Malte Hansen developed Intersectional Teaching Practices for Humanity in Action Denmark's Teacher Academy in 2018.

Intersectionality in Danish Preschools
Intersectionality it: the Movement to end Gender Based Violence


Cameron Kinker

Senior Fellow Cameron Kinker worked with students on campuses across the United States to implement awareness-raising campaigns on the intersectionality of gender-based violence.

Poster Presentation One Love
How to be an Ally? Videos for Dialogue and Action

Northfield, MN | 2017

Gage Garretson, Merve Mert

Senior Fellows Gage Garretson and Merve Mert created a collaborative video series aimed at opening sustained dialogue and providing practical opportunities for allyship on college campuses.

Updating Boston College Law School's Non-discrimination Policy

Boston | 2017

Sean Patrick McGinley

Seeking to create a space of legal protection for all genders, Senior Fellow Sean Patrick McGinley petitioned Boston College Law School to implement a gender-inclusive non-discrimination policy.

Gender and Identity

Konstanz | 2017

Gerlinde Theunissen

Senior Fellow Gerlinde Theunissen led a discussion and film screenings on the topic "Gender and Identity" in order to think about and raise awareness of gender inequality in Germany.

Gender and Identity
I Want Things to be Different in BiH

Tuzla, Zenica, Sarajevo | 2014

Aldin Vrškić

Stories of individuals (students) who overcame different obstacles despite being labeled as 'different' by the society