Action Projects

Our community takes action to defend human rights around the world. Explore our Action Projects here.

I Demand Safe Ports Petition and Campaign

Lisbon | 2019

Margarida Muralha Schweikert Farinha

I Demand Safe Ports Petition and Campaign is a petition and online campaign demanding the Portuguese government to provide a safe port and shelter to those rescued on the Mediterranean

I Am Not Exotic – I Am Exhausted

Bochum | 2019

Miriam Yosef

Empowerment workshop for Black People & People of Color with the aim to develop strategies to deal constructively with experiences of racism.

Free Access to Information

Sarajevo | 2018

Importance of effective communication with government institutions as means of being an active member of democratic society


Sarajevo | 2018

Detmer Kremer, Lucy Chin, Mahir Sijamija, Kathleen Brown

By creating this innovative tool Bosnian Fellows educated participants in an interactive and fun way about the very complex political system in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tvoje Sarajevo

Sarajevo | 2018

Ceyda Keskindemir, Romane Rozencwajg, Matilda Ostow, Amra Mesic, Đorđe Prolić

Fellows then channeled their questions into creative energy to build an art-meets-activism "artivism" campaign to address the politicized and charged borders of Bosnia and Herzegovina, more specifically, of Sarajevo.

Flight and Migration, Societies in Transition

Berlin | 2017

Mohamed Karam Yahya

A project seeking to reach out the migration issue from a closer perspective, and to interrelate the newcomers with forums and seminars on the topic.

Democracy in Europe Movement 2025 Academy

Belgrade | 2017

Erik Miltiadis Edman, Tara Dickman

Democracy in Europe Movement 2025 was the first pan-European workshop week for activists fighting for a fair, equal, and ambitious Europe.

iEM25 Academy
Stories that move you


Nikola Lero, Azra Dizdar, Damir Kurtagić, Darija Sesar

Fellows share blog promoting the peace-building process in Bosnia and Herzegovina through passionate personal stories of young activists from Bosnia and Herzegovina.