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Transitional Justice Reconciliation Talks: A Simulation for Use in Youth and Adult Education

This simulation educates participants in issues of transitional justice and reconciliation. The setting is entirely fictitious. The country of "Zamal" experienced some 15 years of an oppressive regime and brutal civil war. The newly established peace leads to questions of how to run the country in the future and what measures to employ to cope with Zamal’s troubled past.


The simulation on transitional justice and reconciliation in Zamal provides participants with personal insight into the dynamics and complexities of post-conflict resolutions, and the different approaches to transitional justice.

The transitional justice measures up for discussion are:

  • International Criminal Tribunal
  • National Criminal Tribunal
  • Truth Commission
  • Reparations
  • Memorialization

Total playing time including preparation and debriefing: 5 hours

This simulation game was played several times in Libya with the organization “No Peace Without Justice” (NPWJ) and was also played in Egypt.  

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