Marking the World Day of Social Justice in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Banja Luka | 2016

Zvijezdana Marković

Street action for 20th February, the World Day of Social Justice, on the central city square in Banja Luka

Free Access to Information

Sarajevo | 2018

Importance of effective communication with government institutions as means of being an active member of democratic society

Simulation Games as a Tool of Raising Democratic Awareness and Culture of Dialogue among Youth


Simulation games on relevant democracy related topics in elementary and high schools in the Una-Sana Canton

Simulation Games for Teaching Human Rights and Active Citizenship in Post-Soviet Moldova

Chisinau | 2012

Zachariah Falconer-Stout, Marta Kozłowska, Marta Tsvengrosh

Senior Fellow Zachariah Falconer-Stout helped organize the creation and deployment of two simulation games on human rights and active citizenship in Moldova.

Simulation Games/
'All for Hungary' Documentary

Miskolc, Budapest | 2014

Swaan van Iterson

Senior Fellow Swaan van Iterson interviewed and filmed a documentary about Hungarian university students who support the country’s far right Jobbik party.

All for Hungary
I Demand Safe Ports Petition and Campaign

Lisbon | 2019

Margarida Muralha Schweikert Farinha

I Demand Safe Ports Petition and Campaign is a petition and online campaign demanding the Portuguese government to provide a safe port and shelter to those rescued on the Mediterranean

Bridging the Hispanic Achievement Gap

Portland, OR | 2016

Esmeralda Herrera

Bridging the Hispanic Achievement Gap created a class curriculum that combines Latino heritage, Spanish, English, and essay writing to help bridge the Hispanic Achievement Gap in high school.

Democracy in Europe Movement 2025 Academy

Belgrade | 2017

Erik Miltiadis Edman, Tara Dickman

Democracy in Europe Movement 2025 was the first pan-European workshop week for activists fighting for a fair, equal, and ambitious Europe.

iEM25 Academy
The White Rose Remembrance Project


Yasmin Hoffmann

Senior Fellow Yasmin Hoffmann created The White Rose Remembrance Project: "And yet their spirit lives on," determined to uphold the remembrance of the resistance group and remind society how important it is to defend democratic values.

The White Rose Remembrance Project
Visualize Your Action


Tamara Demydenko, Iuliia Zemlytska

"Visualize Your Action!" is the first general short videos competition in Ukraine, aimed to share knowledge in building a democratic society, visually establish key Humanity in Action values in connecting, educating and inspiring Ukrainian and international networks of young leaders.

visualize your action 3