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BiH in Motion

EDVACAY Fellows Ajla Keško, Hata Kujraković, and Tajra Hadžić were inspired to create “BiH in Motion” project by the positive example of inclusiveness from our guest speakers at the program, Ira Adilagić and Alma Mujanović (HIA Senior Fellow), founders of “Sign for Word” association, whose Facebook page is a platform for daily published videos featuring words in sign language bringing it closer to the wider community.

Research shows that there are around 70000 registered persons in BiH with hearing impairment. The group’s objective is to connect promotion of the sign language with the promotion of sights and most popular tourist destinations in BiH.

The group’s civic campaign implementation resulted in a short film about their journey to selected destinations throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina, which show its natural beauty through the use of sign language, promoting inclusion and equality in the growing tourism industry in BiH.

“We want to promote inclusion through the use of sign language in BiH and beyond, encourage the hearing impaired community to be involved in the promotion of sign language in a creative way, and inspire tourist boards to include sign language videos in promotional content.”

So far, they have successfully completed films in Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Mostar, and Jajce. The Mayor of Jajce, for instance, gave his full support to the project, and offered to cover fellows’ accommodation in a local hotel. One of the goals of the civic campaign will be making short clips about each of the selected cities and locations individually and sending them to the local tourist boards and city administrations. They also plan to get in touch with Sarajevo International Airport, to get their films shown at their waiting rooms.


  • BiH in Motion team in Banja Luka