BiH in Motion

Banja Luka, Jajce, Mostar, Sarajevo | 2019

Alma Mujanović

Connecting promotion of sign language with the promotion of sights and most popular tourist destinations in BiH

MOSTAR'S HURQALYA - The (Un)Forgotten City


Marko Barišić

Interactive examination and understanding of Mostar as a city and the monument through the perspective of multiple storytellers

Do we want to remember?

Shanghai, China | 2017

Suncica Bruck

A group of local high school students learn and discuss more about the events of the Holocaust in Shanghai

Marking the World Day of Social Justice in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Banja Luka | 2016

Zvijezdana Marković

Street action for 20th February, the World Day of Social Justice, on the central city square in Banja Luka

Hands of Gold

Gaziantep | 2016

Fahira Brodlija

Sewing classes held by refugee widows for the beneficiaries of the Gaziantep Care and Rehabilitation Center for Syrian Widows

Simulation Games as a Tool of Raising Democratic Awareness and Culture of Dialogue among Youth


Simulation games on relevant democracy related topics in elementary and high schools in the Una-Sana Canton

Digital Privacy Matters & We Know IT

Gradiška | 2018

Sasa Panic, Kevin Tang, Michiel Piersma, Sascha Wijnhoven

Contributing to the awareness about digital privacy among youth through workshop discussions about contemporary digital issues

How to be an Ally? Videos for Dialogue and Action

Northfield, MN | 2017

Gage Garretson, Merve Mert

Senior Fellows Gage Garretson and Merve Mert created a collaborative video series aimed at opening sustained dialogue and providing practical opportunities for allyship on college campuses.

United Colors of Sarajevo

Sarajevo | 2017

Berina Verlašević, Elma Beslic

Senior Fellows Berina Verlašević and Elma Beslic worked with orphaned and socially disadvantaged children to raise awareness of children's rights and how Sarajevo citizens can uphold them.

The Sierra Leone Memory Project


Joseph Kaifala, Liat Krawczyk

The Sierra Leonean Memory Project is an oral-history project dedicated to recording testimonies from those who survived the civil war in Sierra Leone.