Educating Youth in BiH on the Holocaust in Višegrad Countries

Sarajevo | 2017

Ehlimana Memisevic, Jasmin Hasić

The course reader includes an in-depth thematic discussion of the Visegrad post-Holocaust context, the links between war and genocide, as well as of ideology, the power of the state and bureaucracy, and propaganda and mass media in relation to genocide in all V4 countries.

Professional Repatriation of Foreign-Educated Youth

Sarajevo | 2019

Harun Išerić

Bosnian citizens who have, after acquiring knowledge and skills on world top universities, returned to Bosnia and Herzegovina discuss their aim to contribute to the progress of their homeland

Mentor for a Better Future

Tuzla | 2013

Raising awareness of using the benefits of non-formal education and activism by youth in Tuzla

Right Choice, Right Student

Sarajevo | 2013

Introducing new campaigning practices when electing the leadership of student associations at the University of Sarajevo

Internet - Good Servant, Bad Master

Zvornik, Lukavac | 2015

Dzeneta Begic

Raising awareness of the impact of Internet on children

My Application Has Been Accepted!

Tuzla, Fojnica, Doboj, Sarajevo | 2015

Ana Jovanovic

Providing basic knowledge of administrative literacy to high school students

Learning How to Study

Sarajevo | 2016

Amra Mesic

Manuals and videos with tips, creative methods and strategies for learning

BiH in Motion

Banja Luka, Jajce, Mostar, Sarajevo | 2019

Alma Mujanović

Connecting promotion of sign language with the promotion of sights and most popular tourist destinations in BiH

MOSTAR'S HURQALYA - The (Un)Forgotten City


Marko Barišić

Interactive examination and understanding of Mostar as a city and the monument through the perspective of multiple storytellers

Do we want to remember?

Shanghai, China | 2017

Suncica Bruck

A group of local high school students learn and discuss more about the events of the Holocaust in Shanghai