Monika Mazur-Rafal



Having witnessed systemic changes in Poland, Monika became fascinated by politics and studied international relations with a focus on German studies and European integration. As her interests were broad, she graduated with two master's diplomas from the Warsaw University and Warsaw School of Economics/Sciences Politiques Paris. Later on, Monika took part in international exchange programs, first at Free University Berlin and then at Humboldt University Berlin, combined with working at one of the parliamentarian offices in the German Bundestag. Subsequently she wanted to find ways of putting the gained knowledge into practice, she started working at a think-tank – the Center for International Relations, and after that she worked at the International Organization for Migration, where she was a project coordinator and a researcher on migration policy issues. Since 2005, Monika was involved in developing Humanity in Action Fellowship in Poland and subsequently established Humanity in Action Poland. Since then, she has been responsible for leading its educational programs and serves as its President and Director. Over the years, while leading Humanity in Action Poland, she developed a special interest in the field of linking history and human rights education, and thanks to practice and dialogue with other experts from Poland and Europe, she built substantial expertise in designing teaching methods and practical curricula. In her very limited spare time, she enjoys reading, diving and snowboarding. Monika is a passionate dancer.