Petra Rietberg

Research fellow, Wageningen University, Plant Production Systems group
Wageningen, Netherlands

HIA Program:

Netherlands Netherlands 2010


How agricultural production could be made more sustainable, environmentally as well as socially has been a leading question throughout my studies and professional career. I have a keen interest in how farmers and other producers deal with natural resources and why they do so, and how institutions and power relations shape access to and use of natural resources. In my current work I am investigating sustainability certification of oil palm smallholders. In this work I can combine my interests in environmental sustainability, development and human rights. As a volunteer, I am involved in the Jump In Theatre (, a theatre group using methods of theatre of the oppressed to develop plays that enhance communication within and empowerment of a community. In my spare time I'm likely to be having coffee with friends, reading, meditating, or cycling in foreign countries.

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