Elizabeth Floyd

J.D. candidate, Harvard Law School
Cambridge, MA

HIA Program:

United-states United States 2006


Elizabeth participated in the first HiA U.S. program in the summer of 2006. While she at first found it difficult to maintain as close of ties to the other flabbergastingly talented senior fellows as she would have liked, living outside of the major metropoli that seem to constitute HiAdom, she has begin to find excuses to reconnect. Elizabeth has co-chaired the annual fundraising appeal for the American Senior Fellows Association the past two years, and managed to sneak in on an illuminating study trip in Berlin on the German 'Peaceful Revolution' of '89. Currently entering the dreaded 1L after several years of discovering herself through grassroots organizing and education work at home and abroad, Elizabeth has no idea what comes next, but is pretty sure it must be exciting. If you have any thought on the matter, by all means, do share!

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