Noam Schimmel


HIA Program:

Netherlands Netherlands 2001


Noam Schimmel is currently completing a master’s in international human rights law at Oxford University, researching the human rights obligations of NGOs. Noam previously attended the London School of Economics where he earned a master’s in philosophy, policy and social value and a PhD in communication (with a focus on political science and public policy). He was a 2014 O'Brien Fellow in Residence at McGill University's Centre for Human Rights researching reparative justice for survivors of the Rwandan genocide. Since 2008, Noam has been involved in human rights research and advocacy in this area. In 2014, Noam was also a faculty member on the IHP comparative human rights study abroad semester in Nepal, Jordan, and Chile. A native of Boston, Noam is a Humanity in Action Senior Fellow (2001).

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