Yulia Gogol

Warsaw, Poland

HIA Program:

Poland Poland 2006


I was born in Ukraine. Now it has been seven years since I live in Poland. I am writing for a migrants’ newspaper in Poland and I am an activist of Euromaidan in Warsaw. Also, I am a member of the Ukrainian minority in Poland and constantly engaged in political activism concerning the conflict in Ukraine. I studied history at Ukrainian Catholic University and diplomacy at Collegium Civitas in Poland. During Ukrainian revolution in 2013-2014 I was engaged in activities in Warsaw. As a result, I was nominated by the Barney A. Karbank Award in 2014. I was amased how many people supported me. Actually, I was really supprised of such support and award, because I don't think that my engagement ins human rights issue in Ukraine was so magnificent. I just did what everyone would do in such cases. Barney A. Karbank Award in 2014 is a great honor to me. I thank to all who supported me and encourage for contact all, who would like to help Ukrainian refuges and assist in solving issues connected to human rights violence in Ukraine.

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