Grzegorz Brzozowski

Warsaw, Poland

HIA Program:

United-states United States 2006


I am a Ph.D candidate in sociology (University of Warsaw), working on the project on the festival communities in Europe, through the lens of sociology of religion and performance studies. I also studied from the Inter-Faculty Studies in the Humanities (University of Warsaw), which gives me some interdisciplinary perspectives of philosophy, psychology and theater studies. I developed further this interdisciplinary framework through scholarships at Utrecht Universiteit (2005), Freie Universitat Berlin (2012) and Yale University (2013). Last, not least, I graduated from Andrzej Wajda Master School of Film Directing, where I focused on Docummentary Directing. I am working on few documentary projects as a freelance director at the moment. I am also an editor and contributor to the weekly magazine on social and cultural issues, called Kultura Liberalna I participated in 2006 American Program, which was one of the shifting life experiences, not only through memorable stay in New York and friends I made there, but also time spent in California - at inter-religious NGO and Burning Man festival, which made impact on my further academic choices. Speaking English, Polish, German, Russian and once in a while Spanish and Dutch. Basic Arabic. Basic singing in chorus.

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