Henry Alt-Haaker

Chief Clerk/Managing Clerk, Parliamentary Office of the German Minister of Justice Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger
Berlin, Germany

HIA Program:

Germany Germany 2005


Henry participated in HIA in 2005 as a fellow in the Berlin program and stayed in contact with HIA ever since as a member and chair of the German and European Senior Fellow Network and various other HIA bodies. The diverse and highly competent bunch of fellows and their honest intentions to make a difference still fascinate him today and he hopes that he can give some of the inspiration, energy and ideas back to HIA and its fellows in the future. After having studied Philosophy and German Literature in Berlin (Germany, Humboldt University), Paris (France, Sorbonne Paris 1) and Saint Louis (USA, Washington University) he completed a second Masters Degree in Public Policy (on the labor market integration of the second generation in Germany) from the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin. Since his teenage years in Frankfurt (Oder) in the former GDR, where he unfortunately observed xenophobia and intolerance daily, it was obvious to him that he wanted to have a positive impact on society. Consequently he was active in numerous voluntary initiatives fighting racism, corruption and other societal wrongs. He worked for several MPs in the Bundestag, as a political officer in a foreign Embassy in Berlin, as a consultant for non for profits and is currently managing the parliamentary office for the German Minster of Justice.


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