Hoa Mai Trần

Berlin, Germany

HIA Program:

United-states United States 2018


Hoa Mai Trần studies educational science (M.A.) and is an (early) childhood educater and carer and collected practical work in Germany, Spain, Vietnam and Costa Rica - from nursery to privat schools, psychiatry and ophanage. As a researcher she did qualitative and quantitative projects on health, social inquality, refugee children and is member in different scientific networks in Germany and Austria. Her research interests are also research ethics, subjective reflexivity and childhood studies. Furthermore she is a speaker for the topics racism, migration, asylum, critical approaches in pedagogy and inclusion for different educational settings with young adults and professionals in early educational facilities. Besides she is an actress and is currently writing a multilingual book for and with (refugee) children and encourages herself in cultural education in Berlin as a member in a jury judge in a funding program. In her different fields of activities she seeks for transdisciplinary knowledge, awareness for inqualities and varied forms of transformative education in practice and theory for challenging the status quo.