Ada Rachfalska

HIA Program:

United-states United States 2018


Ada is a postgraduate at the Warsaw School of Economics (Finance & Accountancy, Management) and will soon graduate from Warsaw University, where she's doing cultural studies (more specifically - American studies). She started developing her interest in human rights at her second university, however earlier she also took part in Chinese-Polish Partnership for Development and coordinated Israeli-Polish Forum of Dialogue, both voluntary student exchange projects at her alma mater. She spent one semester studying in Germany at TU Dortmund. She also worked at Google Street View team for over a year. Ada's interests revolve around gender, racial and economic inequality. She is also a huge music fan, a regular attendee at various music shows, and a member of a small independent art collective based in Wroclaw (Poland), where she mostly writes and helps producing zines. She'd like to do a Ph.D. in African American culture or music.



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