Sharon Villagran

HIA Program:

United-states United States 2015


Sharon is a senior fellow with the program, having participated in the 2015 John Lewis fellowship. 

She is a first year graduate student at Princeton University. She is pursuing her doctorate in the department of sociology is broadly interested in international migration, urban sociology, and ethnography. As an undergraduate student at UCLA, Sharon conducted an ethnography of bus riding in Los Angeles. In doing her fieldwork, Sharon focused on dependency on public transportation as a potential measure of quality of life. Within this discussion, job equity, bus equity, and public harassment were all salient concerns in exploring how the mobility of residents within communities like South Central Los Angeles experience limited mobility. 

Sharon is originally from South Central Los Angeles, and has volunteered extensively with organizations in her community. This has largely been with a focus on immigrant rights, as well as outreach programs for youth within the area.