Gülay Gün

Project Manager, Museum der Arbeit/Museum of Work
Bremen, Germany

HIA Program:

Germany Germany 2009


During my studies in history and the study of religions in Bremen I became intrigued in transferring my political interest into active engagement. It was in the midst of my studies when I learned about HIA and participated in the summer school in the year 2009. Since then I am actively engaged in the network and combine my studies, work and civil engagement on any occasion. Currently enrolled in the double-degree program 'European Science MA' of the European University Viadrina and the Bilgi University in Istanbul I am about to finish my master thesis on the institutionalization of migration in the 19th century Ottoman Empire. Although I left the discipline of history after my bachelor degree, I am still very interested in the past and what becomes out of it. For this reason I started to give trainings on topics like racism and antisemitism. My aim is to combine academic knowledge with its application to our daily life in order to create aware, sensitized and responsible world citizens. As project manager for exhibitions I concentrate on remembrance in museums and follow the question how museums can address communities besides the classical museum visitor: white, middle class, higher educated.