Nina Lazarczyk

National Coordinator, Centre for Antitrust and Regulatory Studies (University of Warsaw)
Warszawa, Poland


Nina Lazarczyk holds the position of National Coordinator at the Centre for Antitrust and Regulatory Studies (University of Warsaw). She is a research assistant at Queen’s University Belfast in the project “Embracing and Nurturing the Free Market: Lessons from Poland through the Lens of Competition Law and Policy”. In 2016 she completed a one-year post-graduate program in Management Studies (Warsaw School of Economics). Nina has received her MSSc in Peace and Conflict Studies from Uppsala University. She has completed an internship at Nordic Africa Institute. Prior to coming to Uppsala, Nina had done internships at Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics and the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Nina holds her Bachelor’s degree in European Studies as well as multidisciplinary linguistic studies with the specialization in English, French and Spanish from University of Warsaw. Nina is a Diplomacy and Diversity Fellow (2016) and one of the HIA Grant Winners (2017). She writes for Feminist Daily (Codziennik Feministyczny), a Polish online magazine, where she is one of the editors.

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