Catherina Juel

Acute Trauma Counssellor, Akuttilbuddet
Copenhagen, Noerrebro, Denmark

HIA Program:

United-states United States 2015


Born and raised in the city of Copenhagen, Denmark, Catherina Juel is a master student at the University of Copenhagen. She will obtain a master's degree in psychology, with a specialization in neuro- and organizational psychology. With an A+-graded bachelor thesis addressing self-stigmatization issues among mentally ill individuals, Catherina is highly passionate about issues involving stigmatization, suppression and minorities. Her academic point of view is that of the psychology of the individual, the group and inter-relational issues. Catherina has lived and worked in India with tribal-people; through education and information trying to emphasize their human rights in a suppressive local community. She's raised funds to build a new school to the tribal people by holding lectures at Lions Club. She spent a semester abroad in Australia where she studied Group behavior change and change management. In her spare time she does students' association work at her local student's dorm.