Sylwia Wodzińska

HIA Program:

Poland Poland 2014


Sylwia Wodzińska is a social activist passionate about women’s empowerment, a feminist social entrepreneur and an aspiring scholar. She is a co-founder of MamyGłos, a foundation empowering teenage girls in Poland to stand up for their rights and against sexism. A graduate in Linguistics and Cultural Studies, she now pursues a PhD in Sociology, researching group dynamics of the Palestinian and Israeli migrants in Berlin. She lived, studied and worked in seven countries on four continents. Having completed her HIA Fellowship (Warsaw 2014), Sylwia volunteered in refugee camps, published an interactive book on Jewish culture in Poland, produced a couple of short films, published articles in scholarly journals, designed a few games and created a few successful products. She was a Program Coordinator of 2017 HIA Fellowship in Warsaw and co-developed HIA Poland's social entrepreneurship school. Sylwia is Ashoka Changemaker, the DO School Fellow, and Laureate Global Fellow.


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