Michael Williams

Brooklyn, NY

HIA Program:

Poland Poland 2014


Michael Williams is a native of Detroit and a recent graduate of the University of Michigan. His academic, professional and extra-curricular involvement have centered around his passion for the nexus of urbanism and social justice, including community-based urban planning, public health, and environmental justice initiatives. He is a Spirit of Detroit recipient for his outstanding achievement and service to his community, and credits civic engagement experiences in his hometown, Vietnam and South Africa for deepening his resolve for equity and justice in urban spaces. Michael most recently participated in the New York City Urban Fellows Program – a fellowship sponsored by The City of New York to introduce America’s young leaders to urban policy and public service through working in New York City government. His long-term vision is to return to Detroit, where he will help build more sustainable and self-empowered communities, and advocate for the global, urban human rights struggle – the right to the city.

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