Jarmiła Rybicka

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Poland Poland 2014


Jarmila was born and raised in Gdańsk, Poland. In 2011 she began her travel in Asia and visited India, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, China and Philippines. Her experiences sparked her interests in social activism, mostly connected to human rights. Jarmiła is involved in the international "No Hate" campaign which mission is to promote human equality through education, advocacy and social media. Recently, she organized "International Roma Community Day", series of debates "Warsaw for refugees" and petitioned to Polish Prime Minister and President against violence happening in Ukraine. She is also co-author of "Alternative Warsaw Guidebook" for participants of International March for Climate and Social Justice. She participated in a few programs organized by Institute of Global Responsibility and Polish Green Network for debates and public events makers. She is active in Warsaw’s Food Cooperative and the Polish annual Food Cooperatives Convent. Jarmiła is pursuing her Master’s in Sociology at University of Warsaw. She has held two research conferences at Jagiellonian University. Later this year, under scholarship, she will attend the University of Utrecht, to study with its program about Human Rights and War.

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