Łukasz Posłuszny

PhD Candidate, Adam Mickiewicz University
Poznan, Poland

HIA Program:

Poland Poland 2014


Łukasz is a Ph.D. candidate at Sociology Department in Poznań, Poland, where he investigates the influence of material culture on the lives of concentration camp prisoners. He has been conducting interviews with former prisoners and a part of this research has resulted in publishing a book. He also worked as a volunteer on the preservation of remnants of concentration camp infrastructure, and later co-organized similar educational activity for youth at Majdanek State Museum in Poland. Łukasz tries to sensitize to problems of the others also at university, where he teaches students about the politics of equality. At the same time, he supports major local initiatives, mostly concerning housing, work conditions, and women rights. He enjoys spending time with others and one of his life’s passions is contemporary dance.

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