Łukasz Niparko

Specialist, Polish Humanitarian Action
Poznań, Poland

HIA Program:

Poland Poland 2014


Łukasz ​from Poznań (Poland), is a secialist at the Polish Humanitarian Action. He is a graduate of the European University Viadrina in Germany. At Viadrina, Łukasz specialized in international human rights law, rights of minorities, and migration. Łukasz graduated from St. Lawrence University (USA), where he studied Global Studies as well as Asian and European Studies. He is also an alumnus of the United World College of the American West (USA). Łukasz served with various NGOs, including Amnesty International USA, and Warsaw based Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights and Association for Legal Intervention. In the past few years, he has conducted academic researches on topics including socio­economic development model of Kerala (India), Poland’s post-­1989 transformation, and minority rights in China. In 2015, Łukasz directed a summer school of tolerance and anti­discrimination in his hometown Poznań. His interests concern legal prevention of discrimination and international affairs. During his free time, Łukasz enjoys biking as well as carrying out various community services. In the future, he hopes to become a human rights lawyer working to strengthen world­wide adherence to human rights.

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