Pirmin Olde Weghuis

Liaison Officer Europe, VH Strategies
The Hague, Netherlands

HIA Program:

Netherlands Netherlands 2014


Born and raised in Zwolle, the Netherlands, Pirmin Olde Weghuis graduated from the University of Groningen with an MA in American Studies. He also completed the Master’s Honours Programme and spent a semester abroad at Central Michigan University in the United States. Convinced that the meaning and significance of liberty and equality always depend on an individual’s responsibility to defend those values, Pirmin became an active member of the Youth Organization Freedom and Democracy, and was a student representative in the Arts Faculty Council. His Master’s thesis examines discourses of liberty, equality and reason in the Early American Republic. Furthermore, he enjoys alpine climbing in the summer and skiing in winter. Pirmin currently is a Campaign Fellow at the BKB Academy and works in the Netherlands for VH Strategies, a Washington D.C. based political consultancy firm.

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