Katarzyna Klimowicz

PhD student in the Department of Philosophy and Sociology, University of Warsaw
Warsaw/Milanówek, Poland

HIA Program:

Poland Poland 2013


Katarzyna Klimowicz graduated from University of Warsaw in 2012 with a degree in Philosophy, focusing on Philosophy of Being, Cognition and Value. During her studies she was mainly focused on ethics in media, human rights, global politics, intercultural conflicts and interhuman dialogue. Katarzyna was an Erasmus student at the University of Bologna for two semesters (2009/2010) and she came back to Bologna several times in order to do her Erasmus Placement internship (2011) and European Volunteering Service (2012/2013) for YouNet Association - an NGO specializing in sending and hosting participants of international youth exchanges, promoting volunteering and organizing intercultural events. Katarzyna usually spends her holidays going on workcamps organized by Service Civil International and together with international groups of volunteers she works for peace, supporting alternative theater and music festivals for local communities all around Europe. After graduation, Katarzyna started to collaborate with a local SCI volunteering group which organized an Action Week Against Racism 2013 in Warsaw. Recently, Katarzyna worked as a cultural animator and a coordinator of volunteering in one of Warsaw' cultural centres. Katarzyna is currently developing her own foundation supporting youth initiatives and she is working on her PhD interdisciplinary project in social and political sciences elaborating on the subject of participatory and direct democracy.

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