Le Tran

Oakland, CA

HIA Program:

France France 2013


Le Tran hails from Oakland, California, by way of Ho Chi Minh City. Le graduated from Brown University in 2013, where he concentrated in Sociology and Ethnic Studies. Le's research interests are in transnational identity and inequality. During his time at Brown, Le was involved with campus organizing, community outreach, and international research, with particular focus on Southeast Asia. Le's summers were spent working for U.S Congress in immigration and disability rights (2009), organizing with local NGO's around HIV/AIDS (2010), and conducting public health and family research in Vietnam (2011 and 2012). He's lived in Canada and Spain while working in education, immigrant protection, youth development, and LGBTQ rights. In addition to Le's academic interests, his passions are non-fiction writing, photography, public and resistance art, and hiking. Currently, Le is in Boston working in education.

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