Susannah Shattuck

Content Marketing Manager, Prezi, Inc.
San Francisco, California

HIA Program:

France France 2013


Susannah Shattuck currently lives in San Francisco, California, where she works for Prezi, a Hungarian-based startup that creates presentation software. Before joining Prezi, Susannah worked at an Oakland-based nonprofit production company, Not In Our Town, where she assisted with the production and distribution of documentary films about communities fighting hate and intolerance, and she is still involved in the Not In Our Town community as a volunteer and an advocate. She graduated in 2013 from Yale University, where she studied history and fine art. Susannah spent her academic career studying the power of art and culture to transform both individuals and society, and she is currently interested in the role of technology and entrepreneurship in shaping and misshaping communities. San Francisco is a particularly interesting place to study these issues, and Susannah enjoys spending her time trying to learn more about the complex web of relationships that the tech industry has wrought on this city and its inhabitants.

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