Siham Amzile

Bosnia and Herzegovina

HIA Program:

France France 2013


Siham graduated from the University of Strasbourg in 2012 with a degree in Foreign Languages and Multimedia. During the beginning of her student life, she was concerned about social and educational issues. Therefore she worked as a volunteer in the Vandopérienne Association for Equal Opportunities helping with academic support. She also worked as a project leader in a student initiative called Vand’emploi, and organised encounters between recruiters and jobseekers regardless of their background, origin, nationality, age or qualifications. In 2010 she spent 2 months in London and worked for Awaiting Eyes Foundation, a non profit organization providing education to Pakistani orphans. She was employed as an HR assistant and fundraiser. During her Masters degree, she worked as a webmaster intern for a web marketing agency and business companies. After graduating she was hired as a Webmaster Assistant in the Numerical Department of an engineering school. On parallel, she has an active interest on matters such as digital divide, discrimination, women right issues as well as understanding minorities.