Anna Stefaniak

HIA Program:

Germany Germany 2013


Anna earned her doctorate in Social Psychology at the University of Warsaw, Poland. Her main academic interests focus on issues of prejudice and discrimination against different ethnic and social groups and on the psychology of social justice. She wrote her M.A. thesis on Islamophobia and intergroup contact as an effective way for its reduction. In her Ph.D. dissertation, situated in the context of Polish-Jewish relations, she established that active engagement with local history of diversity exerts positive influence on intergroup attitudes and social capital. Throughout her graduate studies Anna made an effort to inform policy makers and the wider public about social psychological mechanisms of racial prejudice and discrimination. She has spoken and written for various media outlets and actively cooperated with several non-governmental organizations including (besides Humanity in Action) the Forum for Dialogue, and the Auschwitz Jewish Center. She has also given lectures in anti-discrimination and diversity trainings for police officers, border guards, teachers, and high school students. Currently Anna is a visiting scholar at Loyola University Chicago.

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