Priyanka Srinivasa

Washington, DC

HIA Program:

Germany Germany 2013


For the past eight years, I have been committed to advocating for plural spaces through community organizing, advocacy, museums, and academia. With a background in Political Anthropology from the University of Cambridge and International Relations from American University, I am fascinated by multiple narratives and deconstructing political mythologies by finding human-centric approaches to global solutions. My research examines the intersections of migration, ethnic violence, gender, political religious movements, Islamic and Hindu studies, and religious freedoms. I have completed fieldwork in Chiapas Mexico, Cherokee North Carolina, India, Spain, Egypt, Germany, and the UK. My passion for religious and ethnic pluralism began in high school where I founded the Hindu chapter and Youth Initiative for Pittsburgh Interfaith Dialogue and subsequently was awarded a prize at the White House for my efforts for multi-cultural inclusion in faith-based communities. In undergrad as research assistant to Ambassador Akbar Ahmed, Chair of Islamic Studies I examined Hindu-Muslim relations in South Asia and the diaspora, awarding me Best Undergraduate Thesis at the American University School of International Service. During the 2013 Humanity in Action Fellowship in Berlin I wrote our capstone paper on Forced Labor Remittances and Memorialization through a review of The Documentation Center on Forced Labor Schöneweide. At the University of Cambridge I interrogated engendered perspectives during a Hindu-Muslim dispute about sacred landscapes in Hampi India through a Newnham College Dissertation Grant. I recently completed a Curatorial Fellowship at the Smithsonian’s Freer and Sackler Galleries of Asian Art in which I redesigned the permanent South Asian galleries. I consulted on the inclusions of multiple narratives and the presentation of contested political-religious histories of the Indian subcontinent. I am now a Reproductive Rights Counselor at New Voices, dedicated to providing women of color access to healthcare and education. I am also conducting independent research on the history of Hindus in America: the struggles of inclusion and fostering relations with Christian and Muslim community in America. I have published articles in the Washington Post, Pakistan Link, American Bazaar, Hinduism Today, and Inponderabilia, Cambridge University’s Student Anthropology Journal. My career aspirations are to mitigate religious and gender-based violence, especially in migration and diaspora communities. In my spare time, I write poetry and perform.

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