Kerim Somun

Project coordinator at Department for Contemporary History & Human Rights, Kreisau-Initiative e.V.
Berlin, Germany

HIA Program:

Germany Germany 2013


Through the period of war in BiH, I was living in Germany, and after returning to back Bosnia and Herzegovina I finished elementary and high-school in Goražde. After high-school graduation, I moved to Sarajevo, because of studying and professional career. During the seven years in Sarajevo I worked and I was engaged with many non-governmental organisations in Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad. Also, I graduated from University of Sarajevo with a Bachelor's degree in Public Administration with my final thesis on the topic of "Including youth in decision making process". Recently after graduation I moved to Berlin due my career and further professional development . I currently work as Project coordinator in the department for Contemporary History & Human Rights at Kreisau-Initiative e.V. (Berlin, Germany) were I am coordinating the project Model International Criminal Court - In the past eight years I worked for several national and international organizations such as Youth Initiative for Human Rights BiH, Anne Frank House, Educational Center for Human Rights and Democracy – Civitas, Humanity in Action Bosnia and Herzegovina, PEP International, Youth Advisory Panel of UNFPA, International Youth Movement, GNRC BiH and also I was a national coordinator of many volunteer networks in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In addition to these engagements, I was actively involved as an external collaborator and trainer on the implementation of different programs and projects in several national and international organizations. My trainer skills are special focused on decision-making process, transitional justice, peace-building and youth leadership. I participated (as participant, trainer and lecturer) in more then ninety different trainings, seminars, conferences and professional exchange programs, which improved and fulfill my professional and personal skills and progress, profiling me as a competent trainer and leader.

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