Isabel Schröer

Berlin, Germany

HIA Program:

Germany Germany 2013


Isabel Schröer grew up in the west of Germany and moved out of home at the young age of sixteen to attend high school in Zimbabwe. After a mind-opening and challenging year, she studied Social Sciences and Asian/African Studies in Berlin and New York. In 2011, she returned to Zimbabwe to conduct interviews for her bachelor's thesis on contemporary spoken word. Her academic work has focused on post and neocolonial studies, social injustice and institutional racism, even as she's been constantly engaged in anti-racist and critical whiteness work outside of the university. She is involved in the transnational documentary project with WINGS and ROOTS, where children of migrants share their experiences with migration, everyday racism and identity. As part of the network of custodianship for refugees AKINDA, she has assumed the custodianship for a refugee in Berlin. Still traveling the world, Berlin is where she feels at home, and she currently works as a production assistant for Germany's public broadcasting television network ARD.

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