Faustyna Gawryluk

Warsaw, Poland

HIA Program:

Germany Germany 2013


Faustyna Gawryluk is a last semester International Relations student at the University of Warsaw. She spent one year in the United States where she attended courses on Womens Rights and wrote articles focusing on the Occupy Wall Street movement. Last summer she worked for Beijing Overseas Study Service Association where she got valuable practical experience in the education sector and conducted research on Human Rights. She focuses mostly on conflict studies, migration studies and anti-discrimination policy. Apart from her engagement at the University, she has enjoyed pursuing promising ideas and making them a reality. She was strongly involved in her hometown development. She successfully prepared preliminary business plans for micro-business entrepreneurs for development grants from the European Union and participated in community projects involving summer activities for kids. She is also actively involved in various youth initiative supporting European integration and inter-cultural cooperation. She participated in many Model United Nations and Model NATO conferences. She interned at the Mexican Embassy in Poland (political department; public relations; social media)and graduated from European Academy of Diplomacy.

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