Eline Peters

Amsterdam, Netherlands

HIA Program:

Netherlands Netherlands 2013


Eline studied in Maastricht, the Netherlands, at University College Maastricht where she took courses on international development, sustainable development, human rights, international law, international relations and political science. In 2009 she lived in Helsinki, Finland, for one semester exchange. After graduating in 2010, Eline moved to Amsterdam to start a Masters in International Development Studies at the University of Amsterdam. After the first year, she took a gapyear from her master to do a fulltime boardyear as the president of the ASVA student union, representing 70.000 students in Amsterdam and working for better education and more student housing, amongst other things. In september 2012 she finished her boardyear and left to Namibia to do an internship at an NGO working on gender issues and women's rights. During her five month stay in Namibia, Eline combined that internship with research on women's access to traditional legal systems in three different communities in the north of Namibia. Eline returned to the Netherlands the end of February and is writing her thesis on that research now and is planning to graduate in August.

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