Nathalie Dart

HIA Program:

Netherlands Netherlands 2013


Nathalie Dart grew up in a small town in Alaska where rallying together as neighbors and a community was a necessity. This is where her passion for people began. She became an active participant in her local government from a young age and was a page in the Alaska State House of Representatives in 2008. Nathalie graduated from North Pole High School in 2009 and pursued a degree in sociology and a minor in Spanish at Northern Arizona University. During her time at NAU, she became an active member of a feminist organization called FIERCE (Feminists Including Everyone Radicalizing Community Environments). She has worked on issues such as gender inequality and violence against women. In her junior year she studied abroad in Costa Rica to learn the Spanish and local culture on a more intimate level. Nathalie was a teaching assistant in Sociology of Sexuality where she helped students learn respect and open and honest communication. Nathalie has spent many hours volunteering at assisted living homes, building meaningful relationships for both her and the residents. Nathalie spends her summers working for her family’s geothermal farm in rural Alaska. Their goal is to get local, fresh produce to their community, creating food security for all Alaskans through a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach.

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