Iuliia Zemlytska


HIA Program:

Poland Poland 2012


Iuliia Zemlytska received her degree in law from National Law Academy of Ukraine, named after Yaroslav the Wise in 2011. During her student years, she was actively involved with Student Government (2008-2009), Youth NGO "Debate Academy" (2008-2010), the FLEX Alumni network (2006- present) and a few other youth initiatives. Since 2008, Yuliya has been an active member of European Youth Parliament in Ukraine (EYP). She attended and organized a few sessions of EYP. After serving as a FLEX Alumni coordinator in Eastern Ukraine (2010), Yuliya participated in Parliamentary Development Program and conducted an internship at the Committee on legal policy at the Ukrainian Parliament, where she was involved in the preparation of a few laws of constitutional importance (2010-2011). Yuliya gained valuable experience in the corporate sector as an in-house legal intern at Microsoft (2011) before she departed for the Netherlands, where she is currently studying public international law at Leiden University.