Nevena Medic

Bosnia and Herzegovina

HIA Program:

Germany Germany 2012


Nevena Medic recently obtained MA in Human Rights and Democracy in South East Europe and her work, education and life interest was always concentrated on post-conflict recovery and human rights protections. During Bachelor studies she got enrolled at the Faculty of Philosophy East Sarajevo were she specialized in a field of journalism and communication. During and after finishing her studies, she attended different summer-school to improve and enrich own knowledge, make new acquaintances with young people from different countries in multicultural setting, build bridges across different cultures and got involved in processes of creation of democratic citizenship based on knowledge, skills, civic values, and virtues of dialogue and respect for diversity. In 2011, she participated in International Summer School at Oslo University on the subject of International Relations and Scandinavian government and politics. She also took part in a peace program for Balkans through the Rotary Foundation in Lillehammer. She spent her 2010 summer in Bayonne, France helping society for homeless people. Nevena is Berlin Humanity in Action fellow 2012, for her this was a life changing experience.

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