Aurélie Tabuteau


HIA Program:

France France 2011


Aurélie was a French fellow on the 2011 French program. She holds a Bachelor degree in Political Sciences from Sciences. Po Paris, and is currently a candidate for a Master's in Public Affairs at the same school. In 2012-2013, she is taking a year off from school to pursue her wish to work on criminal justice issues and raise awareness on the links between mass incarceration, discrimination and womens' rights. She has worked with the National Mitigation Coordinator for death penalty cases based at the Federal Public Defender in Oakland. While working there, she reviewed capital cases to ensure that the mitigation investigation met the constitutional standards, participated in research on mental illness and death penalty and visited death row inmates at the San Quentin prison. She is currently a volunteer with an organization in Oakland helping young kids from low-income background to learn to read. She plans on furthering her criminal justice work by starting a new volunteer/writing project with the National Mitigation Coordinator in the short-term and by publishing her works and starting a PhD in the long-term.

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