Rediet Yibekal Wegayehu

Legislative fellow, Tom Lantos - Humanity in Action Congressional Fellowship

HIA Program:

Denmark Denmark 2011


Rediet Wegayehu is the 2011 (Denmark) fellow who was selected to serve a Democrat at the U.S. House of Representatives as Tom Lantos-Humanity in Action Legislative fellow in 2015. Rediet is passionate about youth development, entrepreneurship and civic engagement. She co-founded and led a student organization named In Action to advocate for youth and women empowerment in Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia. Rediet has over six years of research, policy and outreach experience in Ethiopia, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, France, and the U.S. Last but not least, Rediet has a BA in Political Science and International Relations, and MA in Sustainable Development: International Policy and Management. Say hi to Rediet via her Twitter Account: @RediTweets

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