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Rights and Resistance – The Ongoing Fight for Indigenous Sovereignty

Unravelling the relationship of the United States with indigenous peoples.

Rights and Resistance – The Ongoing Fight for Indigenous Sovereignty is a four-part webinar series with Senior Fellow Roo George-Warren. Each week, Roo presents and discusses different aspects of the ongoing fight for indigenous sovereignty.



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The topics included are: “An Indigenous Person’s History of the United States”, “Unsettling Human Rights: UNDRIP and the Responsibilities of States to Indigenous Communities”, “Environmental Justice & Food Sovereignty: Indigenous Leadership in Healing the Land”, and the series ends with a case study of the standoff rapidly unfolding on Wet’suwet’en territory.

Webinar I:

A whirlwind overview of the United States’ relationship with indigenous peoples told from the perspective of a Catawba person.

The webinar on March 25th at 12pm EST will focus on a few significant historical events and help develop models and language for understanding a variety of different colonial contexts and events.

Webinar II:

About the history of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) as a continuation of indigenous resistance and as a challenge to individualistic notions of Human Rights.

The webinar on April 1st at 12pm EST will focus on the UNDRIP, on specific articles of the Declaration, an on how applicable they are to specific moments in indigenous histories.

Webinar III:

Food Sovereignty movements in Indian Country have implications for Environmental Justice globally.

Through this discussion on April 8th at 12pm EST, we will unsettle “food security” as a goal and think through colonial assumptions about the relationship between humans and the rest of the world.

Webinar IV:

The current standoff that is rapidly unfolding on Wet’suwet’en Territory between Wet’suwet’en people, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and Coastal GasLink Limited a case study.

The discussion on April 15th at 12pm EST will place this struggle in the context of other contemporary examples of indigenous resistance and land protection.