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Executive Education Leadership Program

An intensive and innovative program on leadership, management and ethics for Senior Fellows advanced in their careers.

The Executive Education Leadership Program was a uniquely innovative program designed by The New School and Humanity in Action for Senior Fellows. It took place at the New School in New York City from March 30 to April 2, 2017.

The program provided Senior Fellows who hold management positions with a customized leadership and management training. It stressed new thinking, the social good and collaborative learning. The dynamic workshops with faculty from The New School included subjects such as ethical dilemmas in professional life, scaling entrepreneurial ventures, integrity in leadership, design thinking for social change, idea incubation, human-centered design, conflict management, organizational communication and decision-making.

Through the four-day workshop, the program brought together advanced Senior Fellows as a community of leaders. It enhanced their skills, habits and practical experience to fuel transformative change in their organizations and inspired collaboration and connection between participants.

“As your career progresses, you have to grapple with messier challenges and there is no such thing as perfection anymore, so there will always be elements of failure in your work and life. It is key to learn to accept that and to learn from and move on from those mistakes so you ‘fail forward.'”


– Emma Herman, Senior Fellow Participant (2006 Amsterdam Fellowship)

Program Participants

Owusu Akoto

Head of Transformation Programme NOMS Directorate of Contracted Services UK Ministry of Justice | Senior Fellow (Copenhagen Fellowship 2002)

Christina Antonakos-Wallace

Director/Producer, With Wings and Roots (Media and Education Initiative) | Senior Fellow (New York Fellowship 2006)

Thomas Berghuijs

Strategic Advisor and Team Lead, Public Affairs at UWV National Social Security Agency | Senior Fellow (Amsterdam Fellowship 2002)

Mike Brickner

Senior Policy Director, American Civil Liberties Union | Senior Fellow (Amsterdam Fellowship 2002)

Rasmus Grue Christensen

Managing Director, Monday Morning Innovation | Senior Fellow (Copenhagen Fellowship 2001)

Amish Dave

Rheumatologist, Virginia Mason Medical Center | Senior Fellow (Berlin Fellowship 2006)

Lydia Downing

Vice President, Government and Community Relations New York City Economic Development Corporation | Senior Fellow (Warsaw Fellowship 2007)

Talia Dubovi

Deputy Director of External Relations and Director of Congressional Affairs, Center for Strategic & International Studies | Senior Fellow (Amsterdam Fellowship 2000)

Jesse Elliott

Director, The Music District | Senior Fellow (Copenhagen Fellowship 2003)

Lukas Goltermann

Team Leader, VENRO | Senior Fellow (Diplomacy & Diversity 2015)

Danielle Goonan

Senior Manager II, Career Opportunity at Walmart Foundation | Senior Fellow (New York Fellowship 2009)

Emma Herman

Senior Officer for Communications and Outreach, Mama Cash | Senior Fellow (Amsterdam Fellowship 2006)

Shoshana Iliaich

Specialist and Program Manager, Google | Senior Fellow (Warsaw Fellowship 2007)

Zoe Kiefer

Attending Physician in OB/GYN and Winchester OB/GYN | Senior Fellow (2005 Amsterdam Fellowship)

Nicole Kirkwood

Consultant | Senior Fellow (2001 Copenhagen Fellowship)

Boukje Kistemaker

Associate Expert/Information Analyst, United Nations | Senior Fellow (2011 Amsterdam Fellowship)

Enno Koops

Lawyer with the Council of State, Advisory Division | Senior Fellow (2001 Amsterdam Fellowship)

Marta Poslad

Head of Public Policy & Government Relations, Google | Senior Fellow (2009 New York Fellowship)

Linnea Riensberg

CEO, Linnea Riensberg - Coaching | Senior Fellow (2011 Berlin Fellowship)

Rebecca Sherman

Director of Client Service, Alley | Senior Fellow (2005 Copenhagen Fellowship)

Program Schedule

This program was created in partnership with The New School and was generously sponsored by Germeshausen Foundation: