A Campaign for a More Cultured Krajina

Bihać, Banja Luka | 2014

Raising awareness about the importance of culture among citizens of Krajina (North-Western Region of BiH)

Action against Violence

Sarajevo | 2013

Minel Abaz

Raising awareness about the problem of youth delinquency in Canton Sarajevo

Mentor for a Better Future

Tuzla | 2013

Raising awareness of using the benefits of non-formal education and activism by youth in Tuzla

Right Choice, Right Student

Sarajevo | 2013

Introducing new campaigning practices when electing the leadership of student associations at the University of Sarajevo

Say NO to Prejudice

Mostar, Sarajevo | 2014

Mahir Sijamija

Anti-prejudice workshops connecting young people from different backgrounds and decreasing prejudice and stereotypes among youth in BiH

I Want Things to be Different in BiH

Tuzla, Zenica, Sarajevo | 2014

Aldin Vrškić

Stories of individuals (students) who overcame different obstacles despite being labeled as 'different' by the society

Are You Up for Cinema?

Goražde | 2015

Daniel Lazarević

Goražde Cinema - fostering social cohesion and professional progress of Goražde youth

Internet - Good Servant, Bad Master

Zvornik, Lukavac | 2015

Dzeneta Begic

Raising awareness of the impact of Internet on children

My Application Has Been Accepted!

Tuzla, Fojnica, Doboj, Sarajevo | 2015

Ana Jovanovic

Providing basic knowledge of administrative literacy to high school students

Learning How to Study

Sarajevo | 2016

Amra Mesic

Manuals and videos with tips, creative methods and strategies for learning