Orange the World - Haarlem

Haarlem | 2019

Alida Lianne Cluistra

Orange the World - End Violence against Women was a campaign that Senior Fellow Alida Lianne Cluistra coordinated with partners in Haarlem.

Students Against Corruption

Sarajevo | 2019

Amina Pirić, Victoria Thorsen, Nikolas Slackman, Alma Hasanbegović

Students Against Corruption campaign focused on tackling anticorruption and accountability in universities throughout Bosnia & Herzegovina.

The White Rose Remembrance Project


Yasmin Hoffmann

Senior Fellow Yasmin Hoffmann created The White Rose Remembrance Project: "And yet their spirit lives on," determined to uphold the remembrance of the resistance group and remind society how important it is to defend democratic values.

The White Rose Remembrance Project
The Anne Frank Project Posznań

Poznań | 2015

Sudip Bhandari, Łukasz Niparko

The Anne Frank Project Posznań, created by Senior Fellows Sudip Bhandari and Łukasz Niparko, is a intensive educational program for young people to learn about Jewish history in Poland, tolerance, and how to react when encountering Antisemitism.

The Ghoul Exhibition — Guns, Performance, and Social Justice

Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and Austin | 2016

Héctor Pascual Álvarez

Humanity in Action Senior Fellow Héctor Álvarez created The Ghoul Exhibition in order to merge performance and social engagement in an artistic response to the unfolding tragedy of gun violence in the United States.

#FreedomCities (Home of the Brave)

New York | 2017

Emily Hong

Freedom Cities began as a response to Donald Trump's inauguration, utilizing storytelling media projects to highlight how a diverse group of immigrant and low-wage workers of color are standing up within a divided political climate to re-imagine safety and belonging in service of freedom.

My 100 Hundred Days Plan


Michael Kunichika, Heather Lord

My One Hundred Days Plans was a civic action campaign encouraging participants to take one action every day for one hundred days to directly counteract Donald Trump’s first hundred days in office.

I Am Not Exotic – I Am Exhausted

Bochum | 2019

Miriam Yosef

Empowerment workshop for Black People & People of Color with the aim to develop strategies to deal constructively with experiences of racism.

Helsinki: On the Brink – Finland and the Holocaust Era

Article | Denmark

Oula Silvennoinen

Stockholm: Antisemitism, Ambivalence and Action

Article | Denmark

Karin Kvist Geverts

Published by Humanity in Action in 2013, "Civil Society and the Holocaust: International Perspectives on Resistance and Rescue" examines the different ways that European countries and the United States responded to the Holocaust. Karin Kvist Geverts examines the Swedish case.