Integrated Collaboration For Change (ICC) Project


Tamás Csontos

The Integrated Collaboration for Change (ICC) addresses the issue of the growing strength of populism in Hungary by creating an open-source online platform that empowers citizens to effectively influence political decision processes and allows them to raise important issues to the general attention.

My 100 Hundred Days Plan


Michael Kunichika, Heather Lord

My One Hundred Days Plans was a civic action campaign encouraging participants to take one action every day for one hundred days to directly counteract Donald Trump’s first hundred days in office.

Transatlantic Perspectives on Diplomacy and Diversity

Publication | USA | January 2015

Judith Goldstein, Ava Morgenstern, Johannes Lukas Gartner, Bastiaan Bouwman, Daphné Joseph-Gabriel, and others

Recognizing the intensification of transnational conflicts that both violently divide and intimately link our global communities, Transatlantic Perspectives on Diplomacy and Diversity is a collection of essays from the 2014 Diplomacy and Diversity Fellowship, which tackled international relations from a diversity perspective.

Treaties, the Law of Succession, and Cultural Artifacts: Ukrainian Art Restitution in the 1990s

Article | International | May 2017

George Bogden

Path to Asylum


Rachel Salcedo, Daniel McElroy

Senior Fellow Rachel Salcedo and Daniel McElroy designed a virtual experience, Path to Asylum, as an online resource simulating the experience of seeking asylum in the U.S. and providing context on that nuances of the subject to users.

Path to asylum
Trampoline House visits Roskilde University - Why do we need an asylum system in Denmark?

Copenhagen | 2017

Julian Lo Curlo, Federico Jensen

Senior Fellows Julian Lo Curlo and Frederico Jensen brought the experiences of recent newcomers to Denmark to Roskilde University.

Trampoline House
Updating Boston College Law School's Non-discrimination Policy

Boston | 2017

Sean Patrick McGinley

Seeking to create a space of legal protection for all genders, Senior Fellow Sean Patrick McGinley petitioned Boston College Law School to implement a gender-inclusive non-discrimination policy.