Action against Violence

Sarajevo | 2013

Minel Abaz

Raising awareness about the problem of youth delinquency in Canton Sarajevo

Tanforan: From Internment Center to Shopping Mall

San Francisco | 2012

Joseph Kolker, Stephanie Chang

Tanforan: From Internment Center to Shopping Mall is a documentary film about a shopping mall in California called Tanforan, which served as a temporary internment camp for Japanese-Americans from the Bay Area during their forced relocation in WWII.

DAWNS Digest: The Development and Aid Workers News Service

Mark Goldberg

The Development and Aid Workers News Service is a social enterprise that supports humanitarian journalism and storytelling through sales of a subscription-based news clipping email called DAWNS Digest.

Raising the Voices of Undocumented Youth

Milroy, PA | 2014

Carlos Gonzalez Sierra

Senior Fellow Carlos Gonzalez helped coordinate a conference that brought together undocumented youth in Pennsylvania for a weekend of leadership, organizing and community building.

Raising the Voices of Undocumented Youth
Gender-Based Violence in Refugee Settings

Saint Paul, MN | 2017

Annie Gavin

Senior Fellow Annie Gavin coordinated a panel presentation on the unique challenges women face in refugee settings.

Geert Spreekt Niet Voor Mij ("Geert Does Not Speak For Me")

Rotterdam | 2014

Spencer Heijnen

A campaign enabling people in the Netherlands to distance themselves from Geert Wilders' xenophobic views using an iconic wristband and social media.

Geert Does Not Speak For Me
It's Your Choice

Pastavy | 2019

Marharyta Labkovich

Senior Fellow Marharyta Labkovich led interactive workshops on the topic of conscientious and informed decision making presented in the context of substance use.

It's Your Choice
Serving Local Survivors Panel Discussion

Durham, NH | 2019

Crystal Napoli

Serving Local Survivors Panel Discussion was a solutions-oriented panel discussion focused on progress in the areas of domestic, sexual, and trafficking violence in New Hampshire and Maine.

Healthcare as a Right: Unheard Voices

Berlin, Germany and Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Aditya Mittal

Senior Fellow Aditya Mittal is committed to highlighting the often overlooked perspective of refugees’ and their experiences with healthcare in communities in Germany and Pennsylvania.

Healthcare as a Right: Unheard Voices
Last Days in Dilley - Visual Reflection for Community Driven Advocacy Against Refugee Detention


Aseem Mehta

Last Days in Dilley utilizes a combination of short documentary videos, community organizing, and public presentations, in order to elevated attention and facilitated the creation of resource networks to confront the mass incarceration and deportation of Central American refugee families by the US Department of Homeland Security.

16_Last Days in Dilley