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Mark Goldberg

The Development and Aid Workers News Service is a social enterprise that supports humanitarian journalism and storytelling through sales of a subscription-based news clipping email called DAWNS Digest.

Toward Durable Solutions for the Internally Displaced in Bosnia & Herzegovina


Chad Doobay, Aida Salčić, Marija Herceg, Inga Kotlo, Elma Mahmutović, and others

To gain a more intimate understanding of life as an Internally Displaced Person (IDP) in Bosnia, Senior Fellows Chad and Aida gathered a diverse team to conduct a qualitative, substantive survey of the residents of Tasovčići Collective Center, a housing area for IDPs on the outskirts of Mostar.

Gender-Based Violence in Refugee Settings

Saint Paul, MN | 2017

Annie Gavin

Senior Fellow Annie Gavin coordinated a panel presentation on the unique challenges women face in refugee settings.

To Those Who Die at Our Borders (Den Sterbenden an unseren Grenzen)

Hannover | 2016

Armin Wühle

A photo series, embedded in an online-project, that raises awareness for the continuing humanitarian crisis at the EU-borders

Al Karama- Testimonies

Berlin | 2018

Eugenie Becker, Sarah Bhatti, Mohamed Karam Yahya

Al Karama- Testimonies provides a platform for unheard voices and displays Syrian artists' views and their appeals to the international community.

Al Karama- Testimonies
Looking Forward: How to Ensure the Sustainable Development of International Criminal Justice?

Podcast | International | June 2015

Silvia Alejandra Fernandez de Gurmendi

Silvia Alejandra Fernandez De Gurmendi, former President of the International Criminal Court, delivers a keynote address for the Sixth Annual Humanity in Action International Conference in The Hague, the Netherlands.

Transatlantic Perspectives on Diplomacy and Diversity

Publication | USA | January 2015

Judith Goldstein, Ava Morgenstern, Johannes Lukas Gartner, Bastiaan Bouwman, Daphné Joseph-Gabriel, and others

Recognizing the intensification of transnational conflicts that both violently divide and intimately link our global communities, Transatlantic Perspectives on Diplomacy and Diversity is a collection of essays from the 2014 Diplomacy and Diversity Fellowship, which tackled international relations from a diversity perspective.

Crossborder Factory


Dr. Martine Alonso Marquis

Senior Fellow Martine Marquis founded Crossborder Factory as a social enterprise that aims to stimulate the debate on Europe by developing innovative forms of participation.

Crossborder Factory
Trampoline House visits Roskilde University - Why do we need an asylum system in Denmark?

Copenhagen | 2017

Julian Lo Curlo, Federico Jensen

Senior Fellows Julian Lo Curlo and Frederico Jensen brought the experiences of recent newcomers to Denmark to Roskilde University.

Trampoline House